Search Engine Marketing: Virtual Tour Photography!

Search Engine Marketing: Virtual Tour Photography!

Google must be changing the name of one of its marketing platforms from Google Business View to Google Street, Street View | Trusted, and now Google Street View. Hence, Google Street virtual tour 360 it can still allocate your business visibility boost like nothing else could.

Because Street View is a Google product, the virtual tour of your business can easily be added to your Google My Business account photos. This will increase your visibility on Google Maps, Search, and Google Plus.  And as you know, anything that gets Google to send more people your way is a good idea.



Google 360 Virtual Tours helps attract new customers and makes them be more familiar and connected to your business by allowing them to see all of the great things about your business from the convenience of their desktop or mobile device.

It is a powerful and affordable local SEO tactic that can significantly improve your Google driven leads and sales. Nevertheless, Google explicitly states that 360 Virtual Tours lead to a 100 percent increase in business listing interest and we can see this as high as 1,000 percent or more when coupled with a local SEO strategy.

Local SEO is a hot topic for small businesses. Many are just starting to realize that its strategic use can give them an edge over bigger businesses. It helps the business to use Google’s data and infrastructure for various local marketing efforts.

Businesses 360 photos and a virtual tour are two times more likely to generate interest. This is largely due to the increase in both interaction and time spent on your page.

The audience was more likely to share these types of imaging and they had a much higher interest through rate than the standard video they used for comparison. This meant that viewers, and eventually your clients, were more likely to click on the video in order to see more. This can only mean great things for your brand especially when it comes to building name recognition. These factors, consumer interaction, retention, and sharing, are vital aspects of improving your businesses organic SEO.

Optimizing your site for Google Maps is straightforward, but a multi-faceted process. If you want to make sure to get it right the first time, hire someone who can assist with local SEO services, including considerations for Google Maps marketing. For further information Contact us.


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