What is Customized Virtual Tour?

Customized Virtual Tours are a step beyond the common Google Virtual Tour. Where the standard Virtual Tours provide connectivity between panoramic images and provide the viewer with a “virtual walk through,” it jumps up a level and provides the ability to also include other types of media right inside the tours. These can be video inserts, graphical information displays of particular parts of the tour, sound overlays to provide a fully immersive interactive experience.

It also well suited to businesses that contain many different areas. The viewer can jump around from point to point at a particular location. And it can include detailed floor plans, that give the viewer full control of their own wanderings because they’re fully interactive. That’s why people will return again and again.

Bespoke virtual tours designed for you

Get your premium qulity 360 virtual tour for your
  • Restaurant
  • Club
  • Hotel
  • Resort
  • Retail
  • Show Room
  • Salon
  • Real Estate
  • School
  • Education Center
  • Office
  • Busines Center
  • Shopping Mall
  • Hospital
  • Sports Area
  • Outdoor Venue
  • Warehouse
powered by Google Street View technology.

Move around and explore as if you’re there in person. Explore the business in a different kind of way, we make sure that your Virtual Tour will definitely answer all customers question. Whether simple or complex, one scene or one hundred, we create interactive & immersive experiences. We will keep online audience on your website longer meaning they will spend less time on a competitor’s website and potential customers will likely go with the company that provides a professional, full screen virtual tour over a company with only a few photos or a low end, low quality virtual tour.

Customize Viewers

Give your viewers something to remember & convert to prospective customers

We have a range of unique ads not to risk losing out to the competitors that brings business to life. We interact with customer right through to the delivered product. Exceptional customer service and quality is our priority,likewise this will be the thing that drives repeatable business. Ceaselessly investing in the latest equipment, networking with key partners and developing new processes, enables us to develop a fresh and exciting approach all with a professional service.

We show off your business using Virtual Reality. This has proved an incredible sales tool and an amazing way presenting your business when attending exhibitions and attracting customers to your stand like nothing else does.

Stunning HDR Photography

Stunning HDR Photography

High dynamic range (HDR) photography allows a photographer to take the same image at different exposures and then blend them together to produce one image that features the best exposed parts from each of the images. Your Virtual Tour Images are shoot at three or more exposure levels–low, medium, and high–and then blend them together to create the perfect panorama.
Cross platform Compatibility

Cross-platform Compatibility

We will download your Visible Tour on all your in-house gadgets. Our platform operates perfect on every type of device/tablet.
Tailor Made just for you

Tailor Made just for you

Visible Tour provides artistic solutions to your business We approach every client according to their specific needs with respect. We combine stunning imagery with digital marketing experience to ensure all your expectations are meet.
Social Media Friendly

Social Media Friendly

Post your Visible Tour link on social media to widen your audience, engage more prospects and convert more leads.
Virtual Reality Ready

Virtual Reality Ready

Your tours are already VR ready. Audience don’t need to download an app to experience your tour in Virtual Reality all you have to just plug VR headsets like Oculus, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, etc.
Website Integratable

Website Integratable

Embed your Visible Tour on your website and it will retain users longer on your site increasing your rank on Google, driving more traffic organically. Also, functions just like a website, meaning you can use it anywhere that supports website links. These can include a variety of listing services or search engines.

Maps, Floor Plans and Compass

Your visitors will always know where they are

We can take your schematics and design custom floor plan navigation. Google Maps can be integrated for wayfinding or navigation. Floor plans, maps and compass are a great way to show viewers a clickable view of your property. Hotspots can be added to the floor plan, allowing viewers to move to different places or to see additional ‘pop-up’ content.

It is a great way to enhance the visual experience, allowing clickable content to be displayed, right within the virtual tour. A pop-up content can include text, images, video, links to websites and e-commerce or booking solutions.

Photos Videos

Photo, Video, Sounds and more...

Add multimedia files to your tour easily

Allow viewers to get a closer look at your products and services with photo galleries. Embed video from YouTube directly inside the virtual tour. Aerial film and photography to fully immersive virtual reality: delivering the highest quality content with creativity and innovation.

We provide a highly influential tool to promote your venue to your potential customers. More and more people scope out their destinations on the internet before making the decision on which places to visit. Our online virtual tours let people see your company in all the splendor that our creative and professional photographers can emphasis. So just drop us a line and let us tell you how your 360 panoramic virtual tour can instantly put you ahead of your competition.

Website, Youtube Videos, View PDF

Let your customers view a website inside your tour

Adding the virtual tours to your website, youtube videos and view pdf allows customers with attractive and interactive content, answering the question which many customers would ask themselves before enquiring “What is the business like inside?”

When embedded the virtual tours have increased clicks-to-conversion rates by up-to 20% and boosted visitor duration.

Website Youtube
Advanced Navigation Menu

Advanced Navigation Menu

Easily switch between viewpoints with navigation menu

Advanced navigation is designed to add convenience to your tour. It helps clients find areas of interest quickly and improves usability. Through a simple click of the menu your customers can be quickly transported to key areas. Navigation menus is added to virtual tours so that viewers can move quickly to a different part of the tour. Menus can have multiple levels to allow for grouping e.g. brand, location, features.

This option is especially useful when tours are large and additional navigation will help the viewer find their way around more easily.

Social Media Share Icons

Stay social and let your followers know your virtual tour

Intelligent share icon facility allows for beautiful eye-catching social media posts of your tour. All customers has the ability to embed their virtual tour into their Social Media page free-of-charge. Most of our population use Facebook daily, our virtual tours provide innovative and stimulating content to raise awareness of your business, build likes and stand out on Social Media.

Also, you can share direct links to your virtual tour via Twitter, Instagram and nearly every other social media platform!

Social Media

Other Features

1. Control Bar

– Previous/Next Panorama, Zoom, Move Horizontally/Vertically, Fullscreen and more

2. Display Logo

– display your logo and you can link it to your website or Facebook page

3. Virtual Tour Effects

– add effects to your virtual tour like rain or snow

4. Tour Highlights

– create an automatic tour displaying your products, zoom in or zoom out , or go to next virtual tour

5. Password Protect

– secure your virtual tour with password

6. Welcome Screen

– Create a start screen to welcome your visitors on your tour

7. Force Landscape on Mobile

– shows an image in the middle of the screen on mobile devices to tell the user to switch to landscape mode

8. Google Analytics

– track how your virtual is performing with Google Analytics

9. Snapshot

– Take snapshot by click of a button and share to social media or email

10. Gallery

– don’t just show one image, make it a gallery

11. Virtual Reality

– switch to VR

12. Little Planet Effect

– before you start viewing your tour, you can put a little planet effect

Publish your tour online or offline

Share your virtual tour to the world or offline with your clients

Share Online

Upload your tour on a server and share it with the whole world. It can be viewed on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Share Offline

Using the .PTV format, box your tour into a single file and share your work in progress tours with customers before publishing the tour online. They can display it on their computer, tablet or smartphone, offline.

Why Trust Us in Providing your Customized Virtual Tour?

Exceptional Quality

Exceptional Quality

We can instantly verify your Google business listing via our direct integration and trusted partner status with Google. We are committed in taking High Dynamic Range (HDR) 360 Google Street View and we add these interactive, panoramic photos, 360° Google virtual tour, and still photos to your Google Listing and to your website.



Visible tours are appealing and fun. When online audience are interacting with a virtual tour on your website, they will be impressed by the professional presentation while learning more about what your company has to offer. This will leave a lasting impression long after they have left your website.

Work Turnaround


Enhance the virtual tours with a unique imagery and complete post processing of the photos.Intensify the HD graphics so that audience can enjoy the virtual tours in fine detail and a full-screen viewing capabilities so customers can enjoy life-like experiences as if they were physically there.

Marketing Agency

Trusted Marketing Agency

We can instantly verify your Google business listing via our direct integration and trusted partner status with Google. We are committed in taking High Dynamic Range (HDR) 360 Google Street View and we add these interactive, panoramic photos, 360° Google virtual tour, and still photos to your Google Listing and to your website.

Affordable Fee


We are a team who really cares about the business. We build relationships that are meant to last. We care for your business as much as we care for our own and with our reliability, professionalism, and quality we make excellent brand partners for your business.

Long Term Relationship

Long Term Partnership

We’re committed to create a long-lasting relationships with all of our customers and providing a lifetime support to maintain good customer connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

The virtual tour link acts the same as a youtube link, you simply have your web developer copy and paste the link into your web pages just like they would a video and it’s ready to go.

The virtual tour link acts the same as a youtube link with social media, you simply copy and paste the link into your web pages just like you would a video. For facebook, it even creates a thumbnail with a play button just like it would for a video link.

A tour map is a list of all the panoramas within each virtual tour that you can categorize and use as a navigational tool when moving through the virtual tour.

A customized virtual tour is a virtual tour that is created specifically for your organization. Unlike the boxed products of our competitors each virtual tour that we create is customized to meet your individual needs. Whether it’s including video or audio, brand integration, custom buttons or links.

There are many ways to navigate a virtual tour and it mostly depends on what options you choose to incorporate into your custom design. Some of the most common ways to navigate our virtual tours are through thumbnails, interactive floor plans and maps, hotspots.

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