Why Use Virtual Tour for Your Restaurant

Why Use Virtual Tour for Your Restaurant

Do you want to advertise your restaurant in the most creative and unique way? Or, do you simply want to showcase your the best features of your restaurant and set apart from your competitors? Then, you should probably consider using 360 virtual tours to MARKET your place online and attract new guests!

In today’s digital age, people would have to go online to search for any information they need. Just as people who search for the best dining places where they can book for a romantic meal, to meet up with friends or to celebrate birthdays. People go for the best experience. This means that you have take advantage of everything that the online market has to offer to improve your chances of reaching your potential customers.

When going out, apart from the quality of the food, the décor of the place and the general ambiance makes the difference for any restaurant! And the best tool for you to present it to potential customers is a stunning virtual tour.

An interactive virtual tour of your restaurant  is a unique and cost effective way to show off your space to new and existing customer that allows them to explore your place get to know what you can offer them when they visit. It adds information and media about your restaurant that are interlinked across a variety of channels such as your own website, social media and more which can eventually drive increased reservations, walk-ins and venue hire!


The Virtual Tours are viewable from any device such as desktop, tablet, mobile, etc and are housed on Google Search, Maps and Google My Business.


What features of your restaurant you can showcase in a virtual tour?

  • Ambiance
  • Decorations and designs
  • Menu items
  • Seating configuration
  • Food setting

Case Study:

Source: https://goo.gl/oUaGcv

In this case study, 294 restaurants have cooperated of which 55% is in possession of a virtual tour.

Results of the research:

  • On average, people made a reservation at a restaurant with a virtual tour 30% more often, in comparison to a restaurant without a virtual tour.
  • 50% of people who have watched the restaurant’s virtual tour, made a reservation directly, which is 20% more than the number of individuals who did not watch the virtual tour.
  • 84% of the consumers surveyed stated that the virtual tour has played a role in choosing a restaurant.

Without a doubt, virtual tours are a must-have marketing tools in today’s ever changing market to keep your restaurant up and going.

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