How Google Business View Builds Trust With Your Customers

Trust is the most important foundational element in a business relationship. When customers trust you, they are more likely to buy from you. But, building trust takes time and a lot of hard work. For businesses and marketers, building trust is to NOT think about the sale because the more you think about selling, the less you will actually sell. Focus on your prospects and customers’ interest. Identify what they need and how you can help them. You will build [...]

Google Tour Creator: Simplified Virtual Tour Creation

Google has recently announced a new tool billed for students and educators and “anyone with a story to tell” to do so in a rich, visual interface behind the lenses of their favorite VR viewer. Called Google Tour Creator is a tool designed to create a virtual tour with a set of simple web-based tools. You can use your own 360 photos which you can simply upload from an existing camera — or use existing images from Google Street [...]

Google Business View can Increase Web Visitor Retention

The goal of many web sites is to increase web traffic and increase the number of regular visitors to your site. With today's worldwide customer accessibility to businesses of all sizes via the Internet, it is critical to make your site stand apart from the huge competition. A website must be built not just to attract new clientele but also to impact web visitor retention. According to Hubspot, 78% of Internet users conduct product research online. That means your website stands a good chance of being a prospect's [...]

Why Should I Use Virtual Tours for My Business?

As the era of digital marketing is continuously growing, it is very important for businesses to have the most powerful marketing tool to provide great customer experience and improve business. Consumers experience comes first. They don't just want to buy something online, they want a great customer experience that complements the product or service. This is why it's important to deliver a high level of customer experience that builds an everlasting relationship with customers using the latest innovative technologies such as virtual tours. Virtual tours [...]

Why Use Virtual Tour for Your Restaurant

Do you want to advertise your restaurant in the most creative and unique way? Or, do you simply want to showcase your the best features of your restaurant and set apart from your competitors? Then, you should probably consider using 360 virtual tours to MARKET your place online and attract new guests! In today’s digital age, people would have to go online to search for any information they need. Just as people who search for the best dining places where [...]

How Google Virtual Tour Can Improve Your Organic Listings

Google Virtual Tour is a combination of Google’s street view and mapping technology that allow users see your business. Today, many businesses has already been using this technology and proves that it does not only increase your visibility and click through rate (CTR) in Google, but can also benefit your organic listings giving you a huge boost over competitors who don’t have a virtual tour. But can a Google Virtual Tour contribute to your organic listing? But first, what is [...]

The difference between 360 Virtual Tour and Virtual Reality

In today’s digital age technology has been refined, and a new way of people access the Internet to search for any information they need has been established. With so many current technologies present today in digital marketing, Virtual Tour and Virtual Reality are two efficient tools any industry can utilize. However, virtual reality and 360 virtual reality have a couple of differences that make each particularly suited to different types of content although they seem very similar as they take [...]

Maximize The Exposure Of Your Property With Virtual Tours

In the ever demanding and competitive real estate MARKET, it is critical for any type of business to maximize exposure when selling or leasing any property. The goal when selling your property is to gain as much exposure in the market as possible. Increased exposure in the real estate market will put your property in front of the greatest number of potential buyers. As with any other industry, you’ll need to be up to date with the latest trends on [...]

How Google Virtual Tour Works on Your Website

In essence, your website acts as the storefront of your business online where customers usually search into your products, services and even the location, so it’s crucial for your website to have a Virtual Tour. Virtual Tours are a very efficient and effective visual content to add up to your marketing strategies to display all the best of your company. Virtual Tours are embeddable to your own website or any social media account, and appear organically at all times, [...]

Benefits Of Virtual Tour For Hotels And Accommodations

The virtual tour started out as a useful tool in real estate and is now finally making its way to different industries including the hotel industry. Hotels that have virtual tours on their website, generate 48% more bookings. (Research by Best Western) Having a great visual content piece to represent your hotel— such as a virtual tour— will grant you an instant advantage over your competitors. Your Google Virtual Tour will be displayed to Google’s organic search results with a [...]