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Our Pricing for VR Virtual Tour

How much does a virtual tour cost? | One-Time Fee For Permanent Listing

Google virtual tours work on the same system as Street View, allowing your potential customers to take a step into your business, increase your search engine visibility and convert more web visits into sales through Google Network. It is more capable of presenting your strengths in an innovative and dynamic way, rooted deeply into the viewer’s memory and influencing their purchasing decisions. Compared to other marketing methods, our virtual tour service is more innovative and emphasizes on personal experience, hence we are able to achieve better results with lower prices.

If you are a small business with limited venue space, starting from $2380, we will produce your own Google Virtual Tour and publish it on Google and other media platforms, giving you all the benefits of Google Virtual Tour. Fill out the form now!

We price our projects based on 3 different main factors: the size of the venue, time for photo-shoot and functions requested for virtual tour. The venue size will decide the amount of scenes you need for your room or space; some clients may request after office hour for photo-shooting; programming and integration for functions to the virtual tour would be a favor for clients.

For each desired quote, we would require a brief description of your location, how many scenes or the size of your venue you want to cover and any other details we may find useful. Once we have go through your requirements, we will send over our best quote. We believe, the effort you spend on this is definitely worth it. Simply fill up the form below, we will share to you more in our meeting.

Google Virtual Tour

This is NOT a brief photo-shooting service. Google Virtual Tour includes wide range of services such as photo-shooting, images handling, social media channels, Google platforms and so on, ensuring your Virtual Tour will be perfectly completed and posted up to famous media channels on the Internet.

High Quality 360 Degree Panoramas

Image Correction

Stitching to panoramic images

Creation of Virtual Tour

Photo-shoot of up to extra 20 still images

Creation / Updating of Google plus page

Creation / Updating of Google Place Page

Publish to Google Maps

Supporting for embedding to Facebook

Supporting for embedding to Website

VR Ready

Mobile View Ready

QR Code of Your Tour

Advanced Google Virtual Tour

After Google Virtual is done, we will provide the post development on your virtual tour. Enhancing integrative experience and providing relative information to audiences inside the tour.

Inclusive Of All Services in Google Virtual Tour, and also:

Auto Rotation

Advanced Navigation

Social Media & Website Button

Multimedia Embed



Booking Form

Customized Virtual Tours

After Google’s Virtual Tour is completed, we will provide post development. To meet your different needs, we develop different customized functions to make your tour richer with creative content.

Inclusive Of All Services in Google Virtual Tour, and also:

Embed Webpage Frame

Floor Plan

Customized Menu

Social Media and Website Links

Background Music

Embed 360 VR Live Video

Automatic Guide

Tour Lock

Logo Display

Welcome Banner

Video Box

Many Other Customized Features

Extra Large Business

Big-scaled businesses will be quoted on individual basis, we will further understand what you need after thorough venue inspection and meetings with you. After that, our Trusted Google Photographers or Representatives will be glad to provide you the necessary quotation.

Multiple Locations

Multiple locations and Franchises will be quoted based on the number of store locations and the size of stores. Contact us to get a free quote for your Business Tours.

Outdoor Venue

Outdoor venues may require a relatively large number of panoramic points. Discuss with us and let us understand what are important to you. From there, we will give you our best quotation.


Educational organizations should enquire on adding and mapping a Google Virtual Tour to their premises, enhance their Google Maps, Google Local and Google+ pages beforehand.

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