What is Advanced Google Virtual Tour?

Advanced Google Virtual Tour is developed based on the fundamental of Google virtual tour, inputting all types of information such as videos, images and texts in all forms, enabling you to introduce your products or services through a brand-new and interactive way in your Google virtual tour. This way, consumers are able to fully comprehend your products and services details instantly, at the same time sparks interest in your business.

Advanced Google Virtual Tour and Google Maps can simultaneously post to different channels, this includes Google Maps, Google Place, Google Plus, Facebook, and websites etc, enabling consumers to view your Advanced Google Virtual Tour easily.

Similarly, it can be viewed on different platforms such as computers, mobile phones, laptops and so on, enabling consumers to view it anytime they want.

Advanced Google Virtual Tour

Create an interactive business experience and see your sales grow

Through this up-to-date VR virtual tour and interactive store experience, we will provide a more realistic experience for your website viewers.

Besides pin-pointing your exact store location on Google Maps for your customers’ convenience, it will also help to add some extra points on their impressions. This interactive method is the key to pull attraction for your business.

With a single button click, viewers can see any recent events that you have and you can also check on the frequency of your customers’ walk-ins, store reviews and other details that you may find useful for your business.

Therefore, we set our priority in helping you to achieve better sales results and increase walk-ins rate to your store with our virtual tour.

See your Sales Grow

Low Cost

Available in low cost, no maintenance fee and monthly charges, we will only add in necessary functions according to your requirements, so that you can enjoy the benefits of VR experience with reasonable budget, and your customers can experience an extraordinary VR experience.
Know Your Customers

Promote Sales

Add in your product introduction and latest promotional events in your Advanced Google VR to boost customers’ interest in your business, then slot in a booking form and company’s website, Facebook and social media links, so that they can make purchase and contact you directly from there.
Increase Your Presence

Outstanding Brand Awareness

We understand that brand awareness is not as simple as we thought, with a whole new interactive VR Google virtual tour, it portrays transparency and innovation on your brand, thus leaving a memorable impression on your consumers’ minds.
Enhance Your Tour

Extraordinary Experience

In the virtual tour, viewers not only can enjoy your products, services and stores from different regions, they can also view and click on the pop-up links about your business details to further understand. At the same time, they are able to experience an exceptional interactive virtual tour.

Why Trust Us in Providing your Advanced Google Virtual Tour?

Great Design

Experienced Team

We curate your very own virtual tour exclusively for your business according to its nature, we are an experienced team of people and we have great sets of equipments and skills specifically for this project. With experience comes with great design, our virtual tour allows viewers to navigate around your store and see your business information clearly in a single page.

Stunning Photgraphy

High-quality Stunning Photography

We produce only ultra high-quality works with our HDR camera and accessories which will make your pictures come to life, our team then embeds your virtual tour on Facebook, Youtube and other media channels with high-standard contents. Make your customers watch in awe!

Low Cost

Affordable Cost

Even though we strive for excellence in our works, we understand that budget is a main concern for businesses. Here, we provide efficient and affordable cost while maintaining the standards of all projects. The budget we set for you includes everything, therefore, don’t worry about hidden cost or recurring charges, for we have no such things.

Long Term Relationship

Long Term Relationship

We strive for a long-term business relationship with our clients, we will always support you and work things out together regardless of how difficult the situation may be, because we believe that customers is always first.


Tour Navigation

Virtual Tour Menu

We curate different views on your virtual tour based on customers’ favorite navigation menu for one-click button easy feature that brings viewers from a location to another.


Product Highlight

Providing the best opportunity to display the benefits of your products or services in order to attract potential customers. Through this expandable Google VR experience, customers can get a satisfied understanding of your business nature from the pop-up images, videos and details.

Embed Multimedia

Embed Images & Videos

Via our advanced features system, we are able to embed your images and videos on your Google VR virtual tour. This can enrich your VR virtual tour and speak to your consumers by itself, introducing and promoting your products and services in your place.

Auto Rotation

Auto Rotation

Rotate automatically from one view to another, this allows viewers to see every corner in the VR and experience an automated 360-degrees rotation concept of your store, which normal image is not able to portray.

Website Links

Website Links

With only one button click, viewers can inquire your website while discovering your VR virtual tour. On top of that, you can also add in your social media links to allow your customers to follow you on media platforms.


Booking Form

Include your own booking form in your Google VR virtual tour to allow customers to book their slot directly from there, increase direct appointments and fasten the flow of ordering system, they can do all these without going into your website.

Advanced Google Virtual Tour Analytics

Embed analytics tools that enables you to get a simple or advanced analytic report. It allows you to understand the consumer behavior of your potential customers, which makes it easier for you to devise an effective marketing strategy.

1. Photoshoot

We capture HDR quality images and videos of your location with our trusted skilled photographers and videographers.

2. Processing

Our virtual tour targets on major and even specific minor details that will not be left unexplored. We will capture viewers’ utmost attention with your specific point of interest and focus on the main selling point.

3. Google Integration

We will provide assistance and dedication in setting up your Google+ Business page, allowing your customers to grab the details instantly and explore the virtual tour at the same time. Besides, we will also help you to set up Google Place, Google Street View, Google Map and Google Business to enable customers to see your business details and profiles easily.

4. Project Management

We provide easy navigation on your virtual tour and embed code for you to add into your website. This way, your business will be showcased upfront on all social media platforms, giving your customers a first-hand experience on your products or services.

5. Website Embedding

Embed your virtual tour on your website allows a longer time period on your site, this will then exchange into higher rank on Google and increase website traffic. This kind of virtual tour link is easily accessible on any listing services and search engines, making it user-friendly.

6. Social Media Channels

Social media platforms have taken liking on our virtual tour , we will often share your services and experience on Facebook, thus inviting more viewers to your business.

7. Google Listing Verfication

We can verify your Google business listing instantly with our trusted partnership with Google and direct integration. We devote our projects with High Dynamic Range (HDR) 360 Google Street View and connect these interactive mode of panoramic photos, 360 degree Google virtual tour and still images to your Google Listing and website.

8. Virtual Reality

Our virtual tours are VR ready, this allows viewers to watch the virtual tour instantly without the need to download. They are able to watch it in VR mode with only VR headsets such as Oculus, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have some additional features that can be added, please kindly check the above session for more details. All these features are fit for all types of presentation formats that suit most of our clients’ requirements. For now, we are always seeking new upcoming features to enhance virtual tours for our clients’ needs.

Our latest virtual tour technology is one-step more advance than the usual Google Virtual Tour. We combine all still images, videos and description and present your business’s selling points in an interactive and creative way. This enables your customers to understand fully on your business details and information. Want to know more? Send us your enquiry now!

Definitely, Google Virtual Tour is still hosted by Google, therefore, it is extremely responsive and efficient. It can be viewed without disruption on all mobile phones, PC and laptops. Viewers are able to browse and discover your virtual tour anywhere they want on any tablets. Do you want to know more about the specific features of virtual tour? Contact us now.

Our advanced features depend on your requested types and amount. Most of the features are lower in cost whereas premium features are slightly higher cost. Talk to us beforehand to understand how much will it take to further enhance your virtual tour.

For normal development, it would take up approximately 1 week. However, it still depends on how big your virtual tour is and how many features you need for your business. If you need it urgently, we will do our best and complete it as soon as possible. Let us know your schedule first so that we can plan accordingly to your needs.

We do not charge extra cost after the project is done. Since virtual tour is hosted by Google, there should not be any hidden or recurring charges. This includes monthly fees and maintenance fee. To know more details on pricing details, please contact us anytime.

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