The difference between 360 Virtual Tour and Virtual Reality

The difference between 360 Virtual Tour and Virtual Reality

In today’s digital age technology has been refined, and a new way of people access the Internet to search for any information they need has been established. With so many current technologies present today in digital marketing, Virtual Tour and Virtual Reality are two efficient tools any industry can utilize. However, virtual reality and 360 virtual reality have a couple of differences that make each particularly suited to different types of content although they seem very similar as they take advantage of the first person viewpoint to deliver content and drive engagement.

Let’s discuss the difference here.

What is virtual tour?

A 360° virtual tour is a digital marketing tool with an actual photography from a number of 360-degree cameras that are stitched together, to appear as a seamless whole. It provides photo or video of given environments such as real estate, hotels, resorts, casinos, education, tourism destinations, restaurant, clubs and more. Viewer can look around within the content created, but doesn’t allow to navigate it or control anything beyond the direction you’re looking, in 360 you’re simply along for the ride. It’s mostly about immersive visual experiences.

A 360° virtual tour can be viewed in many ways. You can watch 24/7, 365 days – even when you are closed through any smartphone, tablet, and computer as you scroll through your Facebook feed, using your finger to move around to get the 360 degree perspective.

Let’s look at 360° virtual tour:


On the other hand, virtual reality or VR is a lot more immersive than a 360° virtual.

But, what is virtual reality?

In the most basic of explanations, virtual reality is a way to immerse users in an entirely virtual world. You are able to interact with the surroundings and are granted basic freedoms that 360 video simply can’t match. Simply put, you can control the experience. It create an alternate world for you and place you inside it.

Let’s look at virtual reality, or VR:


To conclude, Virtual Tour and and VR are different technologies and serve their own purposes. Now that you know what are some of their differences and where they stands amongst the current technologies for entertainment and business, go ahead and learn to how to use them.

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