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為什麼商家應該使用 Google+ ?

Google+ 成立於 2013 年初,它被公認為全球第二大的社交媒體,並擁有超過 500 億的用戶。這麼響當當的社交媒體,竟有許多商家和眾人都不知曉於它的功能。如果您擁有任何企業,別認為只有 Facebook 或 Instagram 才能夠幫您提高流量,千萬別忽視 Google+ 。 (繼續閱讀…)

Benefits Of Virtual Tour For Hotels And Accommodations

The virtual tour started out as a useful tool in real estate and is now finally making its way to different industries including the hotel industry. Hotels that have virtual tours on their website, generate 48% more bookings. (Research by Best Western) Having a great visual content piece to represent your hotel— such as a virtual tour— will grant you an instant advantage over your competitors. Your Google Virtual Tour will be displayed to Google’s organic search results with a [...]

Increase Online Visibility with a 360 Virtual Tour

Google Street View technology is a digital marketing tool that allows customers to see the inside of your business through a fully interactive 360 Virtual Tour. It serves as your storefront online that display all areas of your business which as an end result offer your web visitors distinct access to your business location and the added confidence to visit or make a booking. 360 Virtual Tours are proved to making it really convenient for web visitors to witness the [...]