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5 Important Reasons To Get Google Business View

In 2010, Google Business View was released by Google. Google Business View is a virtual tour of your store or office. With the rapidly increase of Internet usage, almost everyone search online first before purchasing a product or service. They consider a business on search results with a lot of great photos and a virtual tour compared to a business that has none. This is because they are given the opportunity to see what the business has to offer and [...]

Maximize The Exposure Of Your Business With Virtual Tours

Back then, it was far simpler to be found on the web without all of the technical awareness of the many ranking factors in order to be exposed in the first page of search engines. However, today, with the ever demanding and competitive online market, it is critical to maximize your exposure on the web. They say that the average attention span of human is only 8 seconds, and it is crucial to grab a prospect’s attention almost instantly. Maximizing your [...]

Get More Bookings With 360 Virtual Tours

Whether your business is a hotel or restaurant, it is important to showcase what’s great or unique about your business – ambiance, layout, services and etc. Nowadays, people or travelers will go to search on Google first before they will book for a reservation in restaurant where they will dine in or in a hotel where they will stay during a vacation. Ranking well on Google search engine with quality photographs are incredibly important when guests are looking for a [...]


People nowadays go to Google to search for information, services or products before purchasing. With the huge competition in the online market, it’s all about local visibility and your business will not show up in the search results if you’re not investing and putting so much efforts on your online strategies. One potential ranking factor on Google is the Google Business View. Thanks to Google! You can showcase your business with Google Maps Business View and invite potential customers [...]

Learn About The Pro’s and Con’s of Virtual Tour

The digital era is rapidly changing, including the way existing customers want to interact with your business and how new customers will find and decide whether to purchase from you. Today, 360 virtual tour is one of the advancements in digital marketing. Many businesses are now accelerating and increasing visits through a virtual tour. But how do virtual tours really help business owners be successful in this fast-changing industry? Here are pros and cons of virtual tours. Pros: Attracts potential [...]