New Era of Marketing Tool: 360 Virtual Tour

New Era of Marketing Tool: 360 Virtual Tour

We can definitely provide your business a new experience that your visitors will cherish for a lifetime. We can create the virtual tour you’re looking for. 360 Virtual Tour experience is fully immersive and interactive. The average length of our Virtual Tour experience is 10+ minutes, which far exceeds the average time-on-site of other marketing channels. Longer engagements mean more opportunities to convert. It enables travelers to engage in your property and your brand as deeply as they wish and convert directly from the experience.

A picture is worth a thousand words. However, in the business industry, a picture is worth much more than words. Quality photographs, HD video, and top-level virtual tours could mean the difference between a long wait on the market. These first impressions will either trigger a response to explore further or to click on the next page. Virtual tour photography may conjure up images in your mind of awkwardly warped photographs, video tours, or even simple slide shows of images. That may have been true once, but with the advancement of technology, we also have an advanced form of virtual tour photography. There are few businesses in Hong Kong which have moved this artistic medium up to a professional quality standard that can fit a variety of businesses needs and is user-friendly.

A 360 Virtual Tour is one of the prestige online marketing tools that would help your business develop a wide range of marketing strategy. It enables your visitors to view everything within the physical location in 360° radius. Imagine you are staying in the middle of the room and looking at it. That is exactly what your visitors will experience having 360 ° virtual tours online via the website.

Furthermore, an advanced virtual tour features a ground plan and hot spots allowing tour visitors to interact directly with the scene. The real and interactive elements are the factors that make 360° virtual tours so compelling. One of the main reasons is that 3D tour can deliver a stunning effect of full presence in the institution in real time. It is audience-captivating and might become determining factor in your customer’s decision to visit.

Advantages of the 360 Virtual Tour to business:

  • Huge and growing number of potential visitors, due to the fact that to make a virtual tour it is enough to have a computer with Internet access;
  • 24/7 open. Opportunity to visit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Opportunity for elaboration. Virtual tour scope and functionality are not limited. They can allow adding new exhibits, new kinds of virtual tours and functionality which are not provided in a real life but might be interesting for visitors.
  • Homeliness promotes more convenient viewing of the collections comfortably sitting at home.
  • Increased premise visibility. Quite often, virtual exhibitions rouse you to watch your favorite exhibits in real life.
  • Increasing institution interactivity. Nowadays computer technology grows rapidly, presenting the real world on a computer screen or mobile device in the new interactive way where you can feel what you have never felt before and you can see objects hidden from the eye.

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