What is an Advanced Google Virtual Tour?

What is an Advanced Google Virtual Tour?

What’s the difference of an Advanced Virtual Tour to a normal Virtual Tour?

A normal virtual features still images and photospheres while having an Advanced Google Virtual Tour is enhancing your Virtual Tour in a unique imagery and complete post-processing of the images that strengthen the HD graphics so that audience can enjoy full-screen viewing capabilities to enjoy life-like experiences.

An Advanced Virtual Tour is designed based on your company guidelines to make sure that it will be a perfect fit for your business. They provide a highly influential tool to promote your company venue to your potential clients so that people will be able to scope out their destinations on the internet before making the decision on which places to visit.

They can be able to see and navigate the exact venue of the business by simply clicking an icon which is embedded in the tour to reveal promotions and best areas of the business. At the same time advanced virtual tour can specifically let the business owners know the core facts how often your tour is visited and for how long.

It makes the virtual tour accessible to the visitor of your website, giving the embed code to add. Moreover, the virtual tours created. So it can be integrated on the major social channels to increase your brand visibility and ensure an excellent conversion rate.

Here are some of its Advanced Features a normal virtual doesn’t have:

Tour Navigation

It provides an Advanced Navigation to display to its best locations in your virtual tour through a single click. MOst often it is used in a larger tour often have most of the panoramas undiscovered and Advanced Navigation aims to resolve this.

Product Highlight

It highlights the virtual tours with a unique imagery and complete post-processing of the photos. Its also intensify the HD graphics so that audience can enjoy the virtual tours in fine detail and full-screen viewing capabilities so clients can enjoy life-like experiences as if they were physically there.

Embed Multimedia

They provide an interactive overlay system which allows high-quality photos and videos to be embedded on a Google Virtual Tour, making it look at its absolutely gorgeous.

Website Links

Customers can visit your website with just a click of the button. You can also add social media links so they can follow you on social media channels. It also can be embedded on the company website that will retain audience longer it would be helpful in increasing the business ranking on Google, that will drive more traffic organically. Hence, functions just like a website, meaning it can be supported anywhere by website links. These can include a variety of listing services or search engines.

Auto Rotation

It has a permanent spin when the virtual tour is not being used, this allows the audience to quickly realize that your virtual tour is more than just a single image.

Aside from this features it can also be integrated on Google+ Business page to ensure that clients can view and leave reviews, as well as view the 360º Virtual Tours. It is guaranteed displayed in the Google Business Listing, letting people view your “connected experience” directly from Google Search and Maps.

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