Virtual Tour to engage Hotel customers !!!

Virtual Tour to engage Hotel customers !!!

Virtual tours can give travelers a real understanding of what they can expect at your hotel and are an important factor in booking success. In fact, websites with virtual tours are viewed 5-10 times longer. Don’t underestimate the strength and power of virtual tours when trying to attract travel shoppers.

Hotel marketers have access to more marketing tools than ever before. It might even seem as though any hotel with a strong website, social media presence, email list, and a couple of booking partners would have their marketing game all figured out. Technological advances enable potential guests to be fully immersed in the experience of a hotel as if they’re already there.

Virtual tours are designed to fully display your hotel by allowing travels to view around a complete 360 degrees. They enable consumers to further explore the hotel, rather than simply being able to view it statically.

This is to visually excite the shopper and provide greater detail of what is available. Virtual tours have the power to accentuate the value that the hotel can provide to the travel shopper. They are designed to create the feeling of what it is like to be inside the hotel. It answers the questions: “What does it really look like ?” and “What facilities we could avail?”

Introducing a hotel room or holiday experience, or distinguishing it from rival offerings, is an increasingly challenging task for marketers and brands in the hospitality industry. The use of virtual tour can provide inspiration and innovation when selling hotel rooms or travel packages to travel agents, wholesalers, event planners and then on to consumers in increasingly competitive markets.


There are huge opportunities within the hotel sector for Virtual Tour. The possibilities are really only limited by your imagination and the creativity of the agency you choose to be your partner and guide on this exciting journey into the virtual future. Contact us 

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