Things you don’t know about Virtual Reality!

Things you don’t know about Virtual Reality!

If you hear the word Virtual Reality the first thing that will pop-up your mind is gaming. Right?

What is Virtual Reality?

It is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment. The digital experience simulates a real experience by providing a synchronized stimulation to as many senses as possible. This experience can be surprisingly realistic when utilizing some of the advanced hardware and software available in the industry today.

What is distinctive about Virtual Reality?

It lets the feeling of the involvement of the audience in the virtual world. The unique combinations where the audience can immerse as well interact with the simulations is known as Telepresence.Thus the audience forgets about his real-world scenario, forgets his present identity, situation, and life and immerses him in a world of imagination, adventure and exploration. He gets more focused about his newly created identity inside the Virtual Reality world.

Therefore, Virtual reality has long been associated with gaming and entertainment, but the technology is expanding into other industries.

Virtual Tour rapidly grows in the marketing industry recently by a 360-degree interactive virtual tour, web-based streaming video, photo slideshow, etc., that is able to be shared with others.  Today, it is an online marketing technique wherein people can take control and navigate every area of what they are viewing.


More and more people became interested in virtual tours and exhibitions offering an opportunity to make a virtual 3D tour, walk through the location, watch a realistic spherical panorama of rooms, come closer to the exhibits and receive interesting information simply by clicking the mouse, sitting at home.

Today, amazing photos are not only part of a successful equation for the clients. The future is in 3D virtual tours because most of the business today benefit from a high-definition Google Virtual Tour.

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