5 Important Reasons To Get Google Business View

5 Important Reasons To Get Google Business View

In 2010, Google Business View was released by Google. Google Business View is a virtual tour of your store or office.

With the rapidly increase of Internet usage, almost everyone search online first before purchasing a product or service. They consider a business on search results with a lot of great photos and a virtual tour compared to a business that has none. This is because they are given the opportunity to see what the business has to offer and what’s the business’ interior looks like which keep their attention long enough giving them the urge to purchase in that certain business and this would keep that business’ name in their head even long after they would look for another business.

Here are five of the many important reasons why you should get a Google Business View for your business:

  1. You can show off the best features of your premises through an 360 degree Interactive Virtual Tour.
    If you have a well-maintained office or store with the best products and services, why not show it off! Google Business View serves as your storefront online that display all areas of the best features of your business through a 360 virtual tour. You can grab potential customers’ attention by showing what your company can offer to them which as an end result gives them the confidence to visit or make a booking.
  2. Potential customers are able to see what your actual place looks like before walking through the door. Google Business View brings businesses to life that will help businesses owners entice more potential customers online. This technology shows off 360-degree panoramic photo shots of your business to give potential customers a preview of your interior premises, products and services and everything that you are able to offer them. This way, potential customers can explore, view and navigate their way around your business using Google Street View and will know what to expect before visiting your physical location.
  3. Google Business View is a great ranking criteria for local searches. Google Business View helps your business be exposed to all Google users. When you add immersive content to your business listing on Google My Business, it will increase your local visibility on Google Search, Google Maps and Google+. This way, you will already have a leg up in the SEO arena that helps you rank well on Google letting your potential customers find you easily in search engine.
  4. Google Business View virtual tour can be viewed from any type of device. People can view your business 24/7, 365 days – even when you are closed through any smartphone, tablet, and computer. In 2015, mobile searches surpassed computer searches for the first time in history. Today, the number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass the five billion mark by 2019. With these numbers rapidly increasing, it is critical for your business to invest in Google Business View where consumers are looking for you most.
  5. Embeddable to your website, Facebook, and more.
    Google Business View can be embedded directly onto your website and social media outlets such as Facebook and more. This can help potential customers find you easily in the most visual content.

To conclude, Google Business View has become an integral part for digital marketing. It is a very powerful marketing tool that will completely change the way your business connects with customers on Google and across the web.

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