Learn About The Pro’s and Con’s of Virtual Tour

Learn About The Pro’s and Con’s of Virtual Tour

The digital era is rapidly changing, including the way existing customers want to interact with your business and how new customers will find and decide whether to purchase from you. Today, 360 virtual tour is one of the advancements in digital marketing. Many businesses are now accelerating and increasing visits through a virtual tour.

But how do virtual tours really help business owners be successful in this fast-changing industry? Here are pros and cons of virtual tours.


  • Attracts potential customers with a great visual content of your business beyond mere text and one or two still photos.
  • Increase engagement with your customers and builds trust in you to make a purchase decision.
  • Showing your business location to the online consumers through a detailed and fast-loading virtual reality environment, allowing you to showcase key features of your location.
  • 360º virtual tours are interactive; viewers can select which images they would like to view and navigate as they choose.
  • Gives the customer an idea of the experience they’ll have with your business.
  • Proves that your business is legitimate which creates a better connection with consumers.
  • 360º virtual tours work on all devices and browsers and can be simply embedded on websites which increase the chances of customers visiting your website and making a purchase online.
  • Google tours have SEO benefits which strengthen search results and increase click-through rate.
  • It is one of the best and most inexpensive marketing opportunities, especially when compared with direct mail campaigns, radio, magazine and newspaper adverts etc.


  • Businesses are obliged to show parts of their locations they might not want to show which invades privacy that can be used by criminals.

Final Thoughts

Studies have shown that online viewers are 115% more likely to book a location after viewing a virtual tour or video. It is no doubt that Google Business view is really an effective and efficient marketing tool for businesses that will completely change the way your business interacts with customers on Google products and across the web. Any type of business should really consider the advantages of Google Business View before it’s too late. Contact us.

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